Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Belgium Brewing Company Libate Me!

New Belgium Brewing Company has taken the Store Locator's to a new level and has added a great interface to let their fans find the beer that they are looking for. Store locator's were all the rage in 2008 and provide a very simple solution to a simple problem, Where can I get one?
The New Brewing Company has taken data that they already have and maintain, and present it in a way that helps market their brand, drive traffic to their site, and provides a simple solution for their fans.

The interface is very comfortable and simple. Just add your location and markers appear on the map. They have added a buffer tool selection which is pretty standard though affective, and an easy way to check what type you are looking for.

What I like:
  • The use of marker symbols to note if the beer is on draft or by retail packaging
  • I love the twitter stream to the left. This makes the user be a part of something bigger then just a six pack, makes them feel part of the New Belgium Herd
  • I like the use of the standard map controls. Nothing fancy just familiar!
  • When clicking on a beer in the popup it brings you to a page and provides details about that beer. Cool!
What I don't like:
  • Locator facts are confusing and clutter the screen. Might be better as a new link.
  • Clicking on another location should close the previous balloon. (Small usability issue)
  • The legend is below the scroll line and out of sight. It took me a bit to find it.
What could be better:
  • It would be simple enough to add driving directions to the address on the popup balloon
  • Move the legend up so that it is visible without scrolling
Overall I give this site a 8 out of 10. It is very comfortable and consumer friendly. It serves its purpose and makes you feel apart of a large crowd of New Belgium lovers. I am a Fat Tire fan and am always looking for a place to sit and have a cold one.

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