Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Map Interface to Brazil’s CACHACA Distilleries UPDATE

It is great to see a web map put to great use. This website uses a Google Map with simple pushpins to locate Brazil’s CACHACA Distilleries. Cachaca is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil and this site gives the end users a map based index to the distribution of the distilleries in Brazil. Clicking on each push pin allows the user to drill down into each distillery and discover more information on the site.

I like that that map is very simple, uses the basic Google Map navigation tools and contains simple push pins used to drill down for more information.

I think that the site would benefit from custom pushpins to further add branding to the overall user experience.


This month I had a chance to revisit Mapa da CACHACA and what a nice surprise. This site continues to evolve making it interesting, easy to use and fun. This site moved from the standard Google Map view to a custom base map that gives the reader a warm feeling fuzzy feeling adding a touch of nostalgia to the experience. They have also added custom pushpins that further make the appearance one of their own and along with clustering makes drilldown and selection easy and intuitive.

I think that this points out a great strategy during development. Get your application out early listen to what your readers are saying and continue to evolve the overall experience. If the site flops then move on to something else.
Great going Mapa da CACHACA

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  1. Now we have many apps to use with GPS and maps with Android apps and others, Technology facilitates humans to investigate and learn with these