Thursday, August 11, 2011

Great example of how NOT to use Client Side pushpins

The other day I was browsing real estate mapping examples. My search results came up with Cheap Bulgarian House which can be found at Cheap Bulgarian House. At first I was pleasantly surprised to find a map front and center which started with a loading map message. As a GIS’er I don’t have any problem waiting for a map but after a few seconds I noticed that this site was going to load 2902 properties as push pins on a Google Map.

I waited and waited and sure enough after 5-10 minutes all properties were loaded. With so many push pins on the map my browser got bogged down and it was difficult to pan and zoom around. This site did add a filter bar which allowed you to filter your search (Good) loading all points before a filter could be set (Bad).

A quick solution would to limit the number of properties show to 300. Don’t load any points until a filter has been put in place and change the default symbol to a custom symbol to add branding to your site.

Loading this many push pins at once gives a very poor user experience and just confuses the end user.

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